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Permanent Mission of the Republic of Slovenia to the United Nations in New York

630 Third Avenue, 20th Floor
New York, N.Y. 10017

T: (+) 1 212 370 30 07
F: (+) 1 212 370 18 24
E: mny(at)

Ambassador - Permanent Representative:
H.E. Andrej Logar


Anthony Lake, Executive Director of Unicef, Receives FM Žbogar


New York, 10. February 2011 - Minister Samuel Žbogar met with Anthony Lake, Executive Director of Unicef, where he underlined Slovenia’s engagement with the rights of children and pointed out the importance that Slovenia pays to assuming the role of the president of executive board of Unicef. Minister concluded his visit at Unicef stating “how crucial it is to tackle deprivations of children’s rights, as children are our future and failures in reaching children-related goals will be reflected upon all the other development goals.”