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Permanent Mission of the Republic of Slovenia to the United Nations in New York

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Ambassador - Permanent Representative:
H.E. Andrej Logar


PR Štiglic addresses Security Council's Open Debate on ˝Maintenance of international peace and security: The impact of climate change˝


New York, 20 July 2011-The Permanent Representative of Slovenia Ambassador Sanja Štiglic addressed the Security Council’s open debate on Climate Change earlier today. She highlighted that “Climate change is the ultimate global challenge that calls for global responsibility. It has a detrimental effect on human security and well being; it endangers economic development and the elimination of poverty, and has a negative impact on international peace and security…according to one empirical study, there could be 350 million environmental migrants by 2050. Climate change also has a significant impact on food security, which is at the same time inextricably linked with water security.”

Ambassador Štiglic articulated the importance of reaching an ambitious post 2012 climate agreement and of limiting global warming to below 2 degrees Celsius. She illustrated how the EU, under the Slovenian EU Presidency presented a Joint Paper by the High-Representative and the European Commission on Climate Change and International Security.

In closing, Ambassador Štiglic stressed the need for all knowledge and resources to be used to find proper solutions and for close cooperation between the relevant UN organs to address the pressing issue of climate change its potential security implications for the world.