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Ambassador - Permanent Representative:
H.E. Andrej Logar


State Department: High level of respect for Human Rights in Slovenia


Ljubljana, 12 March 2010 ÔÇô On 11 March, the US Department of State issued its annual report for 2009 on respect for human rights in individual countries. According to the report, Slovenia has attained a high level of respect for human rights.

The report describes all the elements that define Slovenia as a modern and democratic country, providing a high level of human-rights protection,  and acknowledges the various activities undertaken by the Slovenian government to resolve specific issues, including human trafficking, freedom of the media, the situation of the Roma community and the situation of so-called "erased".

The Department of State also mentions a number of areas where additional improvements are needed, including court backlogs, corruption, violence against women and children, and, in particular, the rights of migrant workers.

Like other international reports of this kind, the US Department of State report on human rights makes a significant contribution towards work to improve the level of human-rights protection and their promotion around the world.