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Permanent Mission of the Republic of Slovenia to the United Nations in New York

630 Third Avenue, 20th Floor
New York, N.Y. 10017

T: (+) 1 212 370 30 07
F: (+) 1 212 370 18 24
E: mny(at)

Ambassador - Permanent Representative:
H.E. Andrej Logar

Live&Work in SLovenia

Renault has had production facilities in Slovenia (Revoz plant in Novo mesto) since 1872. (Photo:

Free movement of workers applies between Slovenia and all EU member states. If you are a citizen of an EU member state, a work permit is not required to enter the Slovenian labour market, and you can apply for job vacancies under equal conditions. If you are a citizen of a third country that is not an EU member state, you may gain employment in Slovenia only on the basis of a work permit, which is issued in accordance with Slovenian national legislation.

More information regarding the working and living conditions in Slovenia can be found in the Related links section below.

Social security

The state works towards preventing social exclusion, particularly by influencing the social position of the population in the areas of taxation, employment and work, and through grants, housing policy, family policy, health care, education and other policy areas.

Social security in Slovenia is based on contributions paid by all employed and self-employed persons into the social security scheme.

Your employer is required to register you in the central register of insured persons within eight days of the employment contract being signed. A self-employed person submits his registration for insurance himself as a person liable to pay contributions when he commences performance of his activity. The central register of persons liable to pay contributions and insured persons is kept for all types of insurance in the social security system by the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia.

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