Do Business in SLovenia

On 1 January 2007 Slovenia adopted the euro. (Photo: Primož Lavre)

The nineties were marked by economic progress typical of the more successful transition countries, and the transition to a market economy was relatively painless.

At home and abroad, Slovenian companies have celebrated numerous successful and highly innovative products. Ever heard of Elan skis , the ones used by skiing champions? Or Seaway sailing boats  and Pipistrel ultra light aircraft ? Or perhaps the brilliantly designed Gorenje household appliances ?  And numerous other small, but highly innovative companies. Their products are persistently breaking into foreign markets and lends a boutique-type quality to Slovenia's economy.

The economy is geared towards services, and Slovenia can boast top-class services in the field of information technology. It also has developed pharmaceutical and automobile manufacturing.

Other major economic sectors include the food industry, electrical devices, metal processing and chemicals. Meanwhile tourism is becoming and increasingly important sector.

Biggest foreign investors in Slovenia


Manufacturing: BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte, Goodyear Dunlop Tires Europe, Henkel, Johnson Controls, Renault, Sandoz Group

Financial Services: Bank Austria CA, KBC, Intesa SanPaolo, Societe Generale

Retail: E-Leclerc, Eurospin Italia, Lidl Internacional, OMV, Rutar, Spar

Other Services: Debitel, Delitte, DHL, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Sodexho Alliance

Why Invest in SLovenia?

Foreign investors pick Slovenia for a great variety of reasons.

The most important are high business ethics and commitment to quality work, good ties with markets in Western and Southeastern Europe, a central position in Europe and good infrastructure, and last but not least quality of life. The legislation in line with EU standards, simple setting up a business, low taxes, the unrestricted transfer of profit and capital repatriation, the Government's pro-investment stance etc. have created a pro-business climate.

By helping workers to compete in the global market, Slovenian government is supporting employers so that they may retain jobs and increase productivity. The national strategic priorities are designed to support entrepreneurship, give impetus to business internationalisation, and encourage SME innovation and youth entrepreneurship.

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