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Slovenia's Development Cooperation

The multilayered challenges of the modern world, particularly the unfavourable financial and economic situation and the need to address the effects of climate change, are strengthening the international community's awareness of the importance of sustainable development of developing countries. Development cooperation is an expression of solidarity and is also in the interest of developed countries. The effects of unequal and unbalanced development threaten peace, stability and security in the world.

Slovenia is among the economically developed countries, and has been an official development assistance donor since 2004. In line with the European Consensus on Development, Slovenia is striving to increase the share of official development assistance to 0.33% of GNI by 2015. In 2009, funds earmarked for international development cooperation amounted to EUR 51,266,839 or 0.15% of GNI.

In terms of content, Slovenian development assistance focuses on the following:
• Strengthening of good governance, the rule of law and social services (with particular emphasis on accession to the Euro-Atlantic structures, respect for human rights of women and children, education, and scholarships);
• Protecting the environment with a focus on sustainable water management;
• Women’s empowerment as a cross-cutting issue of development cooperation.

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